Chris Draycott-Wheatley

Escaping Nunjuck tags in Markdown using Eleventy

Here's the technique I'm using to escape Nunjuck tags in Markdown when using Eleventy.

Superpower your Markdown in Eleventy

Executing dynamic code from within Markdown is possible with Eleventy. Here are some examples of how to make the most of this powerful pattern.

Netlify powered subdomains with Cloudflare DNS

A step by step guide on how to point subdomains at individual Netlify projects via Cloudflare DNS.

Speed up your Eleventy site with a multi-page app shell

The multi-page app shell model is a great way to improve performance for users by reducing payload sizes. In this post I'll show you how to set up your Eleventy site to use this technique.

Show your Eleventy leaderboard rank on your site

Here's a quick and easy way to share your 11ty leaderboard rank on your own website.

A flexible Commitizen setup for your team

I'm a big fan of Commitizen but with various ways to set it up it can sometimes be confusing. Here's a setup I've found to be flexible for everyone.