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If you're reading this

then either something has gone

horribly wrong with my setup or you've delved deep enough to wonder how I'm

doing this. In which case I'm afraid it's not all that fancy; I'm serving a static index.html file which includes this markup and a

script tag to load the actual application, which is a small JavaScript application using a neat framework called

choo. This markup has the same color text and background giving the appearance of placeholder content,

I'm also using the css property 'user-select: none' to disable highlighting. In ideal conditions you'll

never see this placeholder and the application will boot straight up, but conditions are rarely ideal meaning this technique can

be useful for users on slow connections or with less powerful devices, it'll give the

impression of a speedier load and hopefully a better experience all round. If you have any feedback on this technique then feel free to hit me up.