Node.js Config the Twelve-Factor Way

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Keeping Your consts Constant

  • javascript, es6, es2015

The only way to ensure you're still importing a read only value (const) with ES2015's new module system is to explicitly import the value. consts.js export const VERSION = '1.0.0' export const PORT = 3000 index.js import {VERSION, PORT} from './consts' VERSION = '1.1.0' // this won't…

Handling Promises In Flux

  • javascript, react, flux, promises, es6

Having recently started using React & Flux one of the major pain points I came across was trying find a clean solution to combine the asynchronosity of promises with Flux's synchronous ecosystem. I wanted to share the solution I ended up with. A solution which doesn't rely on a specific…

Getting Started With jspm & SystemJS

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Try Angular2 Today

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The Angular team recently started publishing alpha versions of Angular2. If you want to investigate what Angular2 is offering there are numerous projects and repositories emerging to help. Here are just a few: angular2-playground - One of the most complex and in depth applications I've come across so far comes…