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Try Angular2 Today

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The Angular team recently started publishing alpha versions of Angular2.

If you want to investigate what Angular2 is offering there are numerous projects and repositories emerging to help.

Here are just a few:

  • angular2-playground - One of the most complex and in depth applications I've come across so far comes from Sekib Omazic. It offers multiple examples on how components can communicate and how you might structure your application.

  • Plunker - Plunker creator Geoff Goodman has put together a plunk which gives a nice clean base to start working with.

  • Axponents - An example of building accessible web components with Angular2 from Dylan Barrell.

  • ng2do - From David East of the Firebase team comes a todo app following similar conventions to TodoMVC. There's also an accompanying presentation from a few weeks ago.

  • ng2-play - From core team member Pawel Kozlowski comes a simple playground repository.

  • ngconf2015demo - On the back of the announcement Angular2 will offer enhancements with TypeScript the Microsoft team demonstrated an example at ng-conf. There's a blog post with lots more useful information.

  • Plunker - A plunk by robwormald offers a nice alternative when you don't want to set up your development environment.

  • Generator Angular2 - First a disclaimer; this is a project of my own. It's a Yeoman generator which pulls in all the required dependencies and scaffold out a basic project structure.

As you can see the Angular2 ecosystem is quickly growing but it's not too late to help shape the future of the project. If you have any feedback, thoughts or suggestions there's a Gitter room, the issue tracker and the design documentation for reference.

Want to add a project to this post? Submit a pull request to the awesome-angular2 repository or for this markdown file.

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